Alise is a Noivern-Human hybrid made by Scarletdragon1365.

Appearance Edit

Alise has bright yellow eyes and long purple frizzy hair. She has large bat wings that protrude from her shoulders. She has large Noivern-like ears atop her head and she also has very sharp foot talons.

Usually Alise wears a black one piece suit for maximum maneuverability, and speed when flying or otherwise.

Personality Edit

Alise is almost always happy and if she isn't, she is pretending she is. She is always looking for new friends and is happy to find anyone to talk too.

Alise enjoys being as loud as she can, using her ears to produce loud high-pitched screeches, that often hurt the other hybrids ears. She also enjoys being in the dark where she is most at home, hiding in shadows.

With her large wings, Alise is extremely claustrophobic. She hates small spaces and tries to avoid "tight" situations. She also has a fear of death in general, as well as being alone. Alise also has a hatred of bright lights which tend to burn her eyes.

Abilities Edit

Alise has the ability to fly using her large wings. She uses them to help protect her in dangerous situations. Alise also has uncanny hearing using her large Noivern ears, which in turn can produce very loud noises. Using her ability Infiltrator, she can disappear into shadows using her wings as cover which comes in handy when trying to hide.

Relationships Edit

Whitecoats: Alise tries her best to avoid whitecoats, but when forced into contact with them, she attempts to idly chat with them, asking how their day was or how the other hybrids have been doing that day. When they return her to her cell, she promptly thanks them and tells them they're doing a good job.

Rouge: The Houndoom hybrid across from Alise is her closest friend. Often joking with him or playing a beat from her ears to go with his howling. She has a crush on him but is unsure about it, herself and so tries to act normal.

Hybrids: Alise tends to be a nuisance to other hybrids, with her perky attitude. They don't talk to her very much, unless yelling at her for being to loud, in which she responds too by being even louder.