Emma is a Ninetales hybrid created by Wittydragon143. She is based off Emma, an Arctic Fox hybrid, from the Project Hybrid RP.

Appearance Edit

Emma is the average height for a thirteen-year old girl. She has a slender build and long cream colored hair. Her hair forms into nine "tails" and is a little spiky on top of her head. She also has teeth that are slightly sharper than normal. Her ears are Ninetales ears. Emma has red eyes and wears a bright orange dress that goes a little past her knees. She also wears brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Emma is somewhat quiet, and usually doesn't talk to others unless they start the conversation. Although she may seem cold, she is just a bit shy. She likes to learn new things and she is respectful to others. When angry, she can be vengeful at times.

Habits and Abilities From Pokemon Edit

Habits Edit

Emma can growl, but she prefers not to. She can get very angry when mistreated or someone touches her hair. Her Ninetales side makes her wary and quiet near others.

Abilities Edit

Emma's move is Fire Spin and her ability is Flash Fire, which helps power up her Fire-type moves. Since she is a Fire-type hybrid, she can endure fire and heat. She can also place small, one-day curses on people. They are minor and only cause things like tripping, forgetfulness, or a little bad luck.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Being a Fire-type, Emma naturally likes fire and flames. She also feels closer to other Fire-type hybrids than to the others. Emma is curious and likes to learn new things.

Dislikes Edit

From being a Fire-type, Emma dislikes Rock-, Ground-, and Water- types. She also has a dislike of the cold, even though she hasn't been in very cold situations. Emma does not trust suspicious people or the whitecoats. She dislikes being stared at and mirrors, because they make her think of what the whitecoats did to her. If someone complements her hair, she doesn't get mad at them for looking.

Fears Edit

  • Ghost- and Bug- types
  • Heights (which has not bothered her yet)
  • The dark

Relationships Edit

Hybrids Edit

  • Marco : Emma trusts Marco because he is a fellow Fire-type. It is possible that they will become better friends in the future. His cell is across from her's.
  • Sarah : She does not know her very well yet. Sarah's cell is next to Marco's.
  • Other hybrids : Emma usually doesn't talk to them. She dislikes how they are so noisy.

Whitecoats Edit

  • Serena : She recognizes Serena as the whitecoat assigned to her. Emma does not trust her very much and dislikes her for being a whitecoat.
  • Other Whitecoats : Emma dislikes them and hates what they did to her. If the come close, she flinches away.