Lincoln is a Charmeleon-Human hybrid created by Kenny (Vampiredog230).

Appearance Edit

Lincoln is quite average in build, not particularly tall or short; pretty thin but not exactly skinny. He doesn't appear very muscular, but is quite strong.

His skin is a light tan color with a faintly reddish-orange tinge, and his hair is a dark red color, usually kind of long-ish and messy-looking. He has a bunch of freckles on his cheeks and nose, and his eyes are a bright blue color.

Lincoln has a long Charmeleon tail with a burning flame on the end, which usually annoys him because it sets things on fire when he doesn't pay attention to it.

He wears gray or black shirts and dark gray jeans, sometimes with a red hoodie. He wears black converse high tops for shoes.

Personality Edit

Lincoln isn't a very likable person, a bit (or a lot) of a loner and very competitive. He feels bitter about being kept in a cell and has a deep hatred of the whitecoats.

He doesn't get along with anyone really, as he's argumentative and not afraid to fight others over his opinions

He doesn't feel pity for anyone, least of all himself, mostly covers sad and gloomy feelings with anger and aggression.

He demands the best from himself and anyone he may work with, which is another reason he's seen as angry and unlikable. He rarely opens up to anyone, and doesn't even express his true emotions in his thoughts, instead brushing them away and locking them up, never really looking into them at all.

Abilities Edit

As mentioned before, Lincoln has a Charmeleon tail with a flame on it. He can also breathe fire, though it isn't very hot and doesn't do a whole lot unless he uses his pokemon move, Flamethrower, which results in a hot column of flames bursting from his mouth. Breathing fire for long periods of time (or using Flamethrower) causes his throat to burn and get uncomfortably dry.

Lincoln is also slightly stronger than the average human, though this doesn't show a whole lot, as he doesn't do much with it.

He can growl and roar loudly, which usually intimidates those around him, and his Pokemon ability, Blaze, causes his fire abilities (his tail and breath powers) to grow stronger when he's injured.

Relationships Edit

Whitecoats: Lincoln doesn't know any whitecoats personally, but hates all of them. He mistrusts them and wishes they were all dead, sometimes even fantasizing about killing them himself.

Trixie: Trixie is the only hybrid Lincoln has really talked to. After a conversation in which she convinced him that being grumpy and antisocial wasn't the better way to live, he told her his name, which no one else had known up until that point.

Hybrids: Lincoln doesn't know any hybrids besides Trixie, and doesn't really want to. He finds most of them just plain annoying, both because they're just there, and because they frequently make lots of noise, which he strongly dislikes.