Marco is an Arcanine hybrid created by Wittydragon143.

Appearance Edit

Marco is fourteen-years old. He has messy cream hair and the same colored fur around his ankles and neck. Marco has orange eyes and orange diamond-shaped ears. He also wears an orange jacket and pants with black stripes on them. His cream-colored tail pokes out of his pants.

Personality Edit

Marco is slightly quirky around others. He seems slightly intimidating and yet very kind. Also, he is brave and loyal to his trusted friends.

Abilities and Habits From Pokemon Edit

Abilities Edit

Marco can run for long distances and time, just like an Arcanine. His ears help him hear better than an average human.

Habits Edit

Marco tends to growl when irritated or provoked and stands up for his friends. When he is happy, he wags his tail. He hates this trait and gets embarrassed by it.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Marco likes to run, but in his cell he can't. This makes him even madder at the whitecoats. He also likes games and fire.

Dislikes Edit

Marco dislikes water as a fire-type and small spaces. He tends to pace around in his cell. The whitecoats are another thing that he dislikes.

Fears Edit

Marco fears the whitecoats because he does not know what they will do to him and the others. He is nervous around new things and tries to avoid it if possible.

Relationships Edit

Hybrids Edit

  • Emma: "I trust her. She seems to be quite smart."
  • Sarah: "She's new, I wonder where she came from."
  • Other hybrids: "They seem nice enough. Maybe we can all escape together?"

Whitecoats Edit

  • Serena: "She always watching us. What is she planning?"