Mina is a seventeen-year-old Meowstic hybrid created by Angel.

Appearance Edit

She has a short, yet elegant and lithe build. Mina has orange eyes, and the meowstic ears and two tails. She wears a white dress with dark blue edges on the short sleeves and hem. Mina wears a dark blue scarf, and she has slightly wavy, short hair that is pure white with dark blue tips, and reaches her upper-back. She also has a blue swirl/tuft on the top of her head, and pale skin.

Personality Edit

Mina is usually silent, but very smart and intuitive. She usually keeps to herself, but she is by no means shy, and won't hesitate to punch, or use her powers.

Habits and Abilities From Pokemon Edit

Habits Edit

Mina keeps her ears clamped shut unless she wants to use her powers, she is naturally graceful, light and agile, and has keen eyesight.

Abilities Edit

She is quick, agile, light, has good eyesight, and could grind a 10-ton truck into dust with her psychic power. Her Pokemon move is Psychic and her ability is Keen Eye.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

The sun, dresses, comfort, etiquet, manners, nice people, being clean, and generosity.

Dislikes Edit

Dirt, mud, annoying people, sloppiness, and cruelty.

Fears Edit

Blood, never being clean, scorpions, spiders, and dark types.

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