Otis Plumetail is a thirteen-year-old Meowth hybrid created by Peridot (dragonprincess103).

Appearance Edit

Otis has dusty blond hair with Meowth ears sticking out. He has green feline eyes and a charm is on his head. Otis also has fangs, retractable claws, and a Meowth tail. His outfit is a yellow shirt and blue jeans.

Habits From Pokemon Edit

Otis is attracted to shiny objects like a Meowth, and he avoids water. He prefers to eat meat.


He's rather impish and has a knack for getting on everyone's nerves, but he's more michevious than feirce. However, he's fairly intellegent, but he just doesn't really act that way.

Abilities From Pokemon Edit

Like a Meowth, Otis can see in the dark and attack by biting and scratching. His Pokemon ability is Technician.

Likes Edit

He likes to climb (small) trees, bask in the sun, and shiny things.

Dislikes Edit

Otis dislikes the whitecoats and the things they do. He also dislikes rust, since it ruins anything shiny.

Ships Edit

Lucy X Otis (possible ship)

Relationships Edit

Hybrids Edit

  • Lucy: He practically lives to annoy her.
  • The other hybrids: Neutral

Whitecoats Edit

  • Whitecoats: Otis dislikes them and anything related to them.