Rory is a Garchomp hybrid belonging to Turquoisedragon. Her form in the RP is as follows:

Name: Rory

Gender: Female

Age (12-17): 15

Pokemon Fused With: Garchomp

Typing: Dragon/Ground

Ability: Sand Veil

One move: Dragon Rush

Appearance: Blond hair with purple streak, green eyes

Personality (It will be partially affected by the Pokemon.): Moody and serious, brave

Habits from Pokemon: Bad attitude and fighting ability, 

Abilities from Pokemon: Execellent fighter, keen vision

Likes: Food, the idea of freedom

Dislikes: Being locked away, the whitecoats

Fears: Cold, pink

Other: Project Pokemon

She is the adopted younger sister of Razor.

Rory was shown to have the ability to speak to and control Gabite and Gible. She has also been known to fly.