Sarah is one of Wittydragon143's hybrid characters in the RP.

Appearance Edit

Sarah is a thirteen-year old girl. Her hair is curly, puffy, and white like a Flaaffy's wool. She also has white wool around her neck. Sarah's outfit is a long pink dress and pink slippers. She has a Flaaffy tail which is pink-and-black-striped and has a light blue orb on the end. Her eyes are light blue and she has pink-and-black-striped ears on top of her head.

Personality Edit

Sarah is kind and positive. She is reliable and likes to help others. When she is angry, she tries not to be mean.

Abilities and Habits From Pokemon Edit

Abilities Edit

Sarah can store electricity in her tail and shock others. Her move is Discharge and her ability is Static. When someone touches her when she isn't expecting it, they get paralyzed. She can also cause static electricity.

Habits Edit

Sarah stores electricity in her tail for future use. It helps in emergency situations. She likes to relax as well.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Sarah likes electricity and electronics. She also likes open spaces, like meadows. Sarah is also a bit picky about her food.

Dislikes Edit

Sarah dislikes Ground- and Grass- types which are resistant or immune to her typing. She knows that they can defeat her easily. She also dislikes small spaces and the whitecoats.

Fears Edit

Sarah fears what the whitecoats have in store for her. She hopes that one day she will be free. The dark also scares her. Sarah is afraid of insect Pokemon, but she is fine around Bug-type hybrids.

Relationships Edit

Hybrids Edit

  • Marco: Sarah respects him and thinks he is cool.
  • Emma: She kinda doesn't like how Emma is cold, but hopes to be friends possibly.
  • Other Hybrids: Doesn't know them well yet.

Whitecoats Edit

  • Whitecoats in general: Afraid of them and tries to avoid contact.