Serena is Wittydragon143's whitecoat character.  

Appearance Edit

Serena has long black hair to her back. She wears round, red glasses and a white lab coat. Serena has light colored skin and wears black pants.

Personality Edit

Serena has a smart and serious attitude, but it is sometimes dropped. When this happens, she is more kind and helpful to others.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Serena likes science, genetics, learning, and all things informational. She is a bookworm and reads during her breaks.

Dislikes Edit

Being a whitecoat, she dislikes the hybrids. She also dislikes strangers due to an accident when she was young.

Fears Edit

Serena fears some of the hybrids, especially the ones that appear scary to her. She also has a fear of getting kicked out of the project.

Background Edit

Serena was a student at an university in Kalos. The government found her and recruited her as one of their scientists. She finds the project tiring at times, but works hard.

Relationships Edit

Hybrids Edit

  • Emma and Marco: "These two are the ones I'm assigned to. They're not that bad. They do what we tell them to do."
  • Other hybrids: "I don't really trust them that much and some do scare me. But without us, they would be wandering the streets..."

Whitecoats/Scientists Edit

  • Cecily: "Cecily's nice. It does get lonely down here in the lab."
  • Other whitecoats: "There's quite a few people that work here. Although some of them seem a bit rough..."