Sky is a Wigglytuff hybrid by Wittydragon143. He is 14 1/2 years old.

Appearance Edit

Sky has short, and fluffy, pink hair. He has the Wigglytuff curl in front and two tufts of hair that mimic ears. He also has blue eyes. Sky wears a pink jacket over a white shirt. He has pink pants and shoes.

Personality Edit

Sky can be incredibly happy-go-lucky at times or very scary. It generally is the first. He wants to make friends with everyone. When he is scary, it is becuase someone is being very mean or something upset him.

Habits and Abilities From Pokemon Edit

Habits Edit

Sky's personality switches depending on the situation. He is incredibly innocent.

Abilities Edit

Sky can release two shock waves with a loud "YOOM TAH!" and flashes. He can aslo use his move which is Double Slap. His Pokemon ability is Competitive.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Sky likes friends, having fun, and relaxing. It is possible that he may like Sarah in the future. He has a scary obsession over Perfect Apples.

Dislikes Edit

He dislikes "meanies" and people who don't like him.

Fears Edit

Sky fears that no one will like him and he will be alone.

Relationships Edit

Hybrids Edit

  • Stella: Stella is like a big sister to him.
  • Atm N29: Sky dislikes how she is being a "meanie" to Stella.

Whitecoats Edit

  • Whitecoats: He thinks what they're doing could be better, but he helps them with their plans. They give him with an unlimited supply of Perfect Apples.

Perfect Apples Edit

Perfect Apples are an item in the Mystery Dungeon series. Sky is obsessed with them. If he does not get one once every few days, he will go mad.