Tony is a Luxray-Human hybrid created by Scarletdragon1365

Appearance Edit

Tony has thick black mane-like hair. His eyes are red and yellow much like a Luxray's. He has the tail of a Luxray which he tends to use to whack things.

Tony wears a thick black electricity proof trench coat and black ripped up jeans. He is average build but a little more muscular than an average human.

Personality Edit

Tony tends to be quiet and withdrawn when in his cell, though if a whitecoat comes by he tends to become agitated and tries to attack them.

When near other hybrids he stays calm but if someone tries taking charge he immeadiatley gets flustered and attempts to get them to back down.

Tony prefers being alone in a quiet place. He hates loud noises and fears being near water.

Abilities Edit

Tony is able to conduct electricity using his one move, wildcharge which he uses to attempt to break out of his cell.

Tony also has the ability too see through walls, just like a Luxray, as well as the ability to withstand being shocked by large amounts of electricity.

Tony has the ability Intimidate which allows him to stand strong even when being glared down by the largest of hybrids. He rarely gives up and due to this he often gets into trouble.

Relationships Edit

Whitecoats: Tony hates the whitecoats. They try to avoid him as they fear, not his power but his attitude. One of the head whitecoats killed Monika, Tony's girlfriend in front of him and Tony has never been the same.

Adam: The Spiritomb hybrid became Tony's friend when Tony noticed him during a hybrid *Mingle time* Tony decided he looked strong and maybe they could team up to escape.

Lucy: The blind Gliscor hybrid in the cell beside Tony. Her enthusiastic deameanor reminds him of Monika, so he tries to keep in contact with her. He has a minor crush on her but understands she likes Wesly and accepts it.

Ryker: The Lucario Hybrid who moved into Monikas cell. He resent's the fact that Ryker has no idea of the past of the cell, causing Tony not to like him very much.

Monika: Former hybrid from the cell across from Tony, she was fused with an Ampharos. The Whitecoats decided to kill her just for Tony's reaction.

Hybrids: Most hybrids avoid Tony and the few that have made even minor contact, regret it as he often starts an argument.